Ponta Delgado - Eastbourne 2

Wed 16 Jun 2010 18:47
Peter asked me (Klara) and Marc to write some words about life on the boat, and I am first out.
The last days we are motoring through a sea blank like a mirror and a bright sunny sky. Its a very strange sight,
you expect another weather on the Atlantic! During this evening though, a light breeze has started filling us with
hope. Maybe we will be able to put the main up in a while.
The last two days were relaxing and lazy, filled with reading and tanning. I am getting slower and slower. Its
suddely very hard work to get inside the boat and fetch another cookie or fill up the water bottle... Peter keeps up the
energy level though, and does various things like dancing, cooking quite advanced dinners and updating his swedish with me as a
support. Marc also seems to enjoy this unexpected vacation cruising.
We are hoping to get a closer look at a whale, but maybe they are scared of the engine. Today I saw a big fen sticking
up of the water quite a distance away, but we never saw it again and therefore can't be sure it wasen't another dolphin.
We see more birds though, something we are not too happy about...we are fishing with a floating bait and unfortunately
got a bird on the hook two days ago! We were all devastated, so sad to see a dead bird and throw it back in the sea.
Peter wanted to eat it, but was not able to convince me and Marc... Marc, who by the way admitted being a bird
serial killer (pigeons that make his car dirty) claimed that they could have worms inside. After then getting a fish jaw
on the hook at our second try, we now feel that we definitely deserve a better catch. Hope has not yet left us!
We will probably motor at least partially tomorrow as well, and will use the opportunity to enjoy the luxury that a calm sea brings. Me
and Marc can have refreshing hot water showers in our swimwear out on the deck. Peter does things more in a gentelman way,
and disappears for a while and reappears smelling Guerlain. I have a feeling his routines is independent of weather.
I now suddenly hear the very promising sounds of Peter and Marc putting the sail up again! I will definitely have to get up
and have a look. /Klara