Day 6
Sat 28 Nov 2009 21:11
Today is Friday and we decided to fasten like  good Christians. Therefore my breakfast was only muessli
with yogourt as a starter followed by raw filets pieces
of mahimahi alternatively with lemon and soya sauce
on a freshly baked baguettes. While I am writing these
lines I am being seduced by the smell from the galley.
Jure is preparing our lunch - clam chauder.  It will be accompanied by Spanish Rose (already cooling ).
The wind is good for spinnaker sailing from the right direction as well. Our course is straight to St.Lucia. We are 28 degrees west and should be changing the clock (GMT - 2)
but decided for simplicity to keep the time (GMT) unchanged
till we land.
During the night we had the same  wind and kept spinnaker on. We overtook several boats.At  5 am we crossed the 30degrees west. Another 30 degrees and we shall shout LAND...