Day 8
Mon 30 Nov 2009 12:14
Sunday morning, the sun rise is at 9 o'clock GMT. The perspective that in the next days it will rise at 10am
triggered another thought abut changing the boat time.
At 12:00 we moved the clock one hour back and we shall move it again on Tuesday and on Friday. The logbook will be kept in UTC (equal to GMT).
The Sunday breakfast -espresso, ham&eggs with freshly baked baguette, folloved by fresh mango finished a bit sour as we saw a yacht with a spinnaker, passing by close to us.
But we cheered up again as we heard the fishing rod singing. 10 minutes later the 45 cm mahimahi lady was on deck.It was cleaned and put in the fridge, deck cleaned and we started adjusting sails to move back into the  westerly direction.
Another fish on the hook. This time the pace of the roll was much faster. Jure was again at the rod and took over the operation. It took a bit more time to tire it and then the fish started turning on the side. At this position Jure was pulling it fast and waited when it dissapeared under the  water. It was a  nice mahimahi, 70 cm long. When pulled out of the water its body was golden greenish. when dying its color turned to metal blue and finally to silver blue, all in 10 minutes.
Its filets were fried on butter and formed our meal together with the roasted potatoes and cabbage salad . A bottle of chilled Chardonnay from Sevilla vine region was nicely complementing the Sunday feast.
During the  night we had somer shower clouds which can be nicely observed on the radar. They were passing us from behind  a mile or two from the boat so we only got a few drops. Also the wind was turning often and created work. The waves were 2 to 3 m high frm the back quadrant, so we had some rolling and it was not easy to balance the body during the sleep.