Helmsdale to Lossiemouth and stuck there

Fri 9 Aug 2019 15:18
Yesterday morning just before 1st light I set sail for Lossiemouth as being shorter for Clare to reach from Inverness than where I was. Choosing not to waste time sailing into Inverness, the wind looked good for Lossiemouth (F3-5 from NW). Goose winging went well for a couple of hours but then became unmanageable owing to very lumpy, rolling seas, so I gybed down wind for much of the passage. Reaching Lossiemouth 2 hours before LW was important to gain access to the harbour, however I just slipped in with 0.5 metres under the keels at LW-1 with huge following seas. Taking down the mainsail was mot a comfortable experience, being single handed.
A pint followed by a fresh crab salad, prepared on board were just rewards.

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