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Wed 14 Aug 2019 17:15

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After a lovely evening in Stonehaven (above) and yet another seafood supper we set off this morning with an air of calmness about us...

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Until we saw a few fishing boats, plenty of pots, birds bobbing and diving ganats, so we had to get the rusty mackerel feathers out!

My Guide to Mackerel Fishing on the East Coast of Scotland:
- Rusty hooks on the old feathers are a must, obviously attached to a cork
- Plenty of bird life around (fishing boats are another positive sign!)
- Calm seas
- 24metre ish sea bed depth, lowering the line to about half that
- Fingers crossed and have a go!

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Once you’ve caught enough, we thought five would do for today! Ensure your sous chef (Daddy) prepares them properly for you and then decide on your recipe... kedgeree, sashimi or the more traditional pate, having cooked them in the grill or fried them and don’t forget the chunk of lemon.

P.s. note that one cannot buy booze from the co-op before 10.30am! Had a white wine emergency but panic not, all is sorted now in preparation for our guest.

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