Position 53:54.69N, 0:09.23W

Tue 27 Aug 2019 22:12
James Neary left me this morning sadly as he was great company, bull shit apart. Sadly he only managed about 2 hours of sailing during his time with me, the remainder being motoring.

My co-owner, Simon Camamile, joined me later than hoped, owing to train delays, and we just managed to make it over the mud in Bridlington to avoid having to stay there another day.

Now anchored off Hornsea, there being no natural anchorages on the way south, we are relying on fair weather tonight, planning to catch the southerly tide before first light. Supper was, of course, fresh mackerel caught just before anchoring up.

Farewell to James

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Mud, mud glorious mud of Bridlington

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Co-owner, Simon

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