Portsmouth, Dominica.

Chelone's travels.....
John and Susie Blair.
Wed 22 Jan 2014 23:58
We left the Saintes for Dominica and had another boisterous passage with
25-30knt winds and lumpy seas but not for too long.
We arrived in Portsmouth Bay just after midday with the obligatory 'Boat
Boy' coming alongside to greet us.
A little further along and at first I
thought a second Boat Boy visit but it turned out to be our friend Bruce
coming out to greet us and show us where his & Connies boat was anchored
so we could be nearby.
Anchor down and we went across for Margarita's...ah, lovely!

Incredibly, they've been here for two weeks!!!! unable to move on due to
strong winds and big seas. They had a great time seeing in the New Year etc
with other friends Fuego and Sam Wich as they're here with their boat
Susie and myself prepared to go ashore for the Sunday evening BBQ for
Cruisers....a legendary party night here in Portsmouth hosted by the
fishermen and Boat Boys. $20usd/pp gets you all the BBQ Chicken and/or BBQ
Blue Marlin steaks you can eat plus Salad/Rice and all the Rum Punch you can
We had a great time and met with all other Cruising yachties in the bay as I
think all were there!
Our friend Fuego did some fire throwing and fire juggling (we first met him
and his family in Montserrat when Ross and I gave them half of the Tuna we'd

The following morning I went ashore to clear Customs and as it was a
beautiful day Susie got on with topping up her tan. At some point, out of
nowhere, there was an almighty gust of wind after which Connie came over in
her dinghy to report that they'd seen something fly off our deck into the
Even though it's thirty feet deep it's so clear you could see that it was
our sunbed cushion so I dived in to retrieve it. After that, I had a mooch
about and found a Ballonfish, a small Lobster and an Octopus (there was also
a sea snake but it got away) I bought them back to show Fuego's young son
Buckaroo but he was having a siesta! Susie took some pics anyhow then all
were released unharmed.


I just love Dominica, it's so unspoilt....a beach, a little town, then
jungle.....proper rain forest. I took a wander down the high street, so many
people smile and say hello...just so friendly.
Next....New Town, Dominica, to Bequia.