En route to Agadir...

Chelone's travels.....
John and Susie Blair.
Wed 14 Nov 2012 10:43
N32:18.00    W009:26.00  
Tuesday morning and a lovely blue sky for our last few hours in Mohammedia. Susie cooked up a lovely hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs and beans then began polishing the bronze hardware and cleaning, Louise took the needle and thread and stitched a tear in the mains'l sustained during the boisterous passage south from Cascais, Martin was uploading photos.
Ross and myself headed into town to the bank to grab some last minute groceries, fresh bread, fruit n' veg etc. It turned out that we'd have had quite a hike to the Supermarket but a kindly local offered us a lift and in fact waited outside before driving us back to the 'Port de Peche'....how kind is that!
Marina fees paid (£16/night x2) and we slipped our lines. We motored out of the harbour surrounded by the little fishing boats, they were making their way to the fishing grounds I guess. Immediately ahead to port is the very conspicuous Mosque at Casablanca, it looked very impressive in the late afternoon light and many pictures were taken by all as we sailed by.
Wednesday 14th Nov. 10.45am
Clear blue sky, sea calm
Not much else to report really, lots of fishing buoys (net markers) to be dodged and quite a few ships and fishing boats around too, we're five miles off the coast which is clearly visable. We've passed a few other yachts though the breeze is very light and we have the engine purring to maintain a good speed as, based on the last forecast, we're expecting contrary winds later this afternoon.
As I send this message through the satellite phone I'll import weather 'Grib' charts on the same connection.
See you later,  JB.