Morocco here we come!!

Chelone's travels.....
John and Susie Blair.
Sat 10 Nov 2012 08:57
N36:44.00  W008:50.00
We're all quite excited about our next landfall, Mohammedia. I was here two years ago with Milo and Will so it's harbour is no mystery this time! Also, due to the limited space in it's tiny marina and the odds of it being busy with other yachts in transit I booked us a berth there via Skype before we left Cascais.
The passage from Cascais has been pleasant with light winds and a calm seas. We had to dodge a Warship whom had issued an 'All Ships' Securité broadcast to stay clear as they were going to be live firing and we encountered a beautiful 'J' class Yacht just after that, i think they were performing their 'shakedown' sail as we saw them fly then drop their Storm Mains'l.
After another lovely sunset, Ross cooked up a superb Beef Stew with fluffy mash potatoes that went down a treat, Louise had the company of Dolphins on her early morning watch and Martin's managed to take pics of Porpoise leaping out of the water close by just now. Besides that we've now rounded Cape St.Vincent without having to dodge any traffic and so are now pointed directly at Mohammedia. The wind is light from the North West but with full mains'l and genoa we're managing a very healthy 5-6knts. Chelone's new engine has been running superbly and without any sign of smoke whatsoever (unlike the old engine!) and our newly installed Freezer compartment has our fresh meat frozen solid and ice in abundance!
Due to the many dhan buoys (Fishing net/pot markers) present i've so far been reluctant to set out our fishing line but hopefully as we get into deeper water offshore today these will disappear and we'll set the lure trailing. We'll be half way to the North African coast by around late afternoon today and should make landfall tomorrow (Sunday) evening.
That's all for now.....see you in Morocco!