Chelone's travels.....
John and Susie Blair.
Mon 18 Mar 2013 14:20

We've been here over a week already, firstly stopping in Falmouth Harbour staying there for 4 days then a short move around here to English Harbour, a much more intimate sheltered location with a very short dinghy ride to the shore at Nelsons Dockyard with it's laid back atmosphere and handy food store not to mention some great bars with free wi-fi....and live tv to watch the Rugby!

Yes, Saturday's game was a 'must do' and we watched with a small gathering of Ozzies, English and Scotts as Wales trounced England with a fine display of skill and determination right from the start with consistant scoring throughout...Well done Wales!!

We took a bus to the capital, St.Johns and spent the day taking in the sights, lunch was a Chicken Roti with homemade Carrot Juice....absolutely fantastic!

Other than that we've been socialising somewhat, another couple from Milford Haven are anchored next to us so we've had plenty of chat with them and a very good friend of mine also anchored here is Peter Carey, a retired Fireman from Surrey who has been here for a few years on his yacht 'Stella Maris'.

We ventured up to to the legendary 'Shirley Heights' on Sunday afternoon with it's Steel Pan Band and Barbeque not to mention the awesome panoramic views over Falmouth and English Harbours. There was a great atmosphere and the second band after the Steel Pan had everyone dancing the night away.

The only other news is that I had an email from a mate from Tenby asking where we were, he said that he's currently in Antigua at English Harbour on Yacht 'Marmara'.....about 300 meters from us!!!
Needless to say we met up shortly after that.

So, tomorrow we're sailing around the corner of Antigua to a stunning area of small islands and beaches (Antigua has 360 beaches) then onward to Barbuda for a brief stop before continuing to St.Barths and St.Martins.

Bye for now, John & Susie.