Wind's up....!!

Chelone's travels.....
John and Susie Blair.
Mon 26 Nov 2012 11:56
N22:53.00   W21:17.00
As per forecast, a lovely fifteen knot breeze has filled in from the north west by north early this morning so the engine is resting again for now. Life onboard during the day revolves around sail trimming (wind goes up and down and changes direction) watch keeping (apart from some passing lights last night, nowt seen for over 24hrs), reading, playing music, messing with the fishing line.....and snacking/cooking food.
Ross and Louise took a dip in the ocean as us guys watched them.... a bit chilly for that yet, but fair play to them! They clambered aboard refreshed and a little worn out I think after trying to keep up with the driffing boat... (I can't help thinking that an opportunity was lost there, let's face it, more food for us remaining onboard!)
As evening approaches we have a meal together before settling into the overnight watch routines, two hours on, six off. We have it so that if you do the 6pm - 8pm slot tonight you'll do the 8pm - 10pm tomorrow etc so nobody gets stuck with the same routine. I'm happiest when it comes around for my turn to do 10pm - 12pm then 6am - 8am, not too late to bed, six hours sleep then up to see the sun rise!
As I write now it's 11am, Monday 26th. The sun is shining, there's still a lovely 10-15knt breeze out of the north and we're making almost top speed sailing on a broad reach at 6.5 - 7.0knts with a 2 - 3m ocean swell under our keel.
Still no fish! Ross and myself are being mercilessly teased and taunted by the other crew members, ah well, when we do catch summat (and we will) we'll let the others try some....for a modest fee!
What else is news? Oh aye, the little tear in the leach of our Genoa (Headsail) is now about 10 feet long so we'll have to douse it for it to be stitched up. When I send this Blog we'll download another Grib (weather) file and so long as there's no indication of strong winds for today we'll maybe fly the Gennaker while the Jenny's sewn up.  The girls did their washing on deck at the bow with dolphins as company which made the chore very enjoyable.
Thanks go out to Susie's Dad for keeping us updated on world events and of course the Rugby scores! So nice to hear about the rubbish weather back home too, wind and rain, flood warnings and the like.....keep em' coming Geoff!!
Thanks also to Mark Hicks, Gavin the Whelk, Rob and Sam, Rhiannon, Joanne, Steve Sula, and my very special Brazilian friends, Ocean Sailors Dorival and Catarina from s/y 'Luthier' great to hear from you!
So that's about it for now, apart from the dolphins we've seen little else in the sea, no Whales as yet but we'll keep you posted. Hopefully we'll have a fish before the next blog....while we've still some vegetables to go with it!
We're just defrosting some chicken breasts to have Sweet n' Sour tonight so we're looking forward to that, also there's plenty of Smoked Bacon, fresh Cheese, Onions, Potatoes etc, etc
Bye for now, JB.