Surfing towards Morocco!

Chelone's travels.....
John and Susie Blair.
Sun 11 Nov 2012 07:36
N34:25.00  W007:49.09
It's nearly time to hoist the Moroccan flag as the sun is about to rise here, 50 miles North of Mohammedia. What a night! after fickle winds yesterday morning that on and off saw us using the engine to maintain a reasonable speed, by late evening all was to change when winds steadily increased. By the early hours we'd only the smallest of headsail flying and mains'l a luff and still making a steady 8+knts of boat speed over the ground, 13.2knts at one point as the wind was a steady 38knts during squally conditions (Gale force 8 = 34knts).
On the upside.....our 19.00hrs ETA at Mohammedia has come down to 14.00hrs, maybe less as we're still surfing at up to 10knts as I write this!.
Thanks go out to Susie's Dad Geoff who keeps us updated on world and home news via the satellite phone, though I thought Ross or Martin were possibly going to throw it over the side when the news came through that Wales had been thrashed by Argentina!!
Martin made fresh pizza's for dinner last night with chorizo, feta cheese, olive and tomato side salad, he used to run his own bakery so the pizza bases he baked from scratch which was very nice.
That's all for now, will upload some pics once on the wi-fi at Mohammedia Marina later today, ttfn, JB.