Chelone's travels.....
John and Susie Blair.
Fri 16 Nov 2012 09:24

Bonjour, from Agadir!  After what seemed a short hop from Mohammedia, we’re enjoying this little stopover very much. The girls instantly spotted a lovely swimming pool a minutes walk from our marina berth and Susie especially liked the look of the row of designer shops!

On the way here we passed two other harbours, Safi and Essouira. A friend of mine had been to Essouira and I remember from her blog pics the harbour looked amazing, jam packed with fishing boats and activity, I was disappointed that we didn’t have time to stop there but now that we’re here in Agadir I’m going to look into the possibility of visiting by bus?


Checking in was very straightforward with a visit from the very friendly officials from Port Health, Customs and Immigration, after which we headed for the pool for a cooling dip in the very lovely swimming pool the girls spotted earlier. After that the girls did the laundry, Ross went exploring the town and I checked the latest online forecast and a little research into harbours in the Canary Islands etc. The usual stop there is Las Palmas, the yachtie capital and useful place for boat related resources but at this time of year it will be a ‘no go’ area due to the ‘Atlantic Rally Challenge’ or ‘ARC’ participants who will have completely taken the place over and caused prices of everything to be inflated out of all proportion. No, we must go elsewhere! So we’re contemplating Lanzarote and/or Tenerife as alternatives.


We had a foray around the pleasant beach seafront last evening, this place is more ‘touristy’ than Mohammedia, we plan on staying until at least tomorrow and Ross and myself are going to try to bus it to Essouira while Martin and Louise checkout a local market.


See ya!

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