Day 26/28 of Lockdown, Kumutoto Bay, 41:12.37S 174:04.17E

Blue Hound
Phil Marks & Rosy Jensen
Mon 20 Apr 2020 05:20

Our quiet lockdown continues. It has just been announced that NZ will move to alert level 3 at 11.59 pm on Monday 27th April (after ANZAC weekend), to be reviewed after 2 weeks. That means little change for us except that low risk recreational activities will be allowed - so we expect to see more people on the water. Inter-regional travel will still not be allowed so we will have to remain in South Island for at least another 3 weeks - and no winery visits :-(. Still, we are very lucky when compared to the hell that many families are going through.


Phil has finished installing the electric toilet and we are now enjoying 21st Century luxury with pushbutton poo management. The downside is that I need alternative arm exercises now there is no manual pumping! Hmm. My project of sewing the dinghy chaps is still in progress, under Phil's watchful eye (he made the last set), and still needs some reinforcements against potential chafe.


Phil has excelled himself and last Wednesday we walked/climbed to the Onahau Bay Lookout, ascending to 416 metres in 1 hr 20mins. It was a strenuous climb but the views were spectacular over the Queen Charlotte Sound and Pelorus/Kenepuru Sounds on the other side of the ridge. Here are some photos and also one of a Fantail, a bird that is not afraid of humans, darting round us.

Phil checking the GPS to find out how high I've dragged him (too high I fear, but he still has a pulse):

Blue Hound just visible:

Bays and Cruising

We have moved around a little, preferring to be away from any inhabited houses so the sound of our generator doesn't disturb the very few residents in their holiday homes. Our nearest neighbours for a few days were noisy comorant families, their colony located in a rocky outcrop about 100 metres from our anchorage. We enjoyed watching their fishing habits, especially when the fish load was too heavy and they had to work the aero-dynamics to get up to the nest, sometimes after several failed attempts and go-arounds. (Species: Spotted shag/cormorant endemic to New Zealand). Here's their rock:

and on the other side:

Hector's Dolphins

South Island Hector's dolphins are only found here, so it was a bonus to find ourselves surrounded by them when we left Waikawa Bay after a refueling and water trip. They were very playful diving under the boat and very quick. Their colouring is unusual, being mainly white but the black dorsal fin is quite rounded and distinctive like Mickey Mouse's ear!

Yesterday there were a couple of seals playing nearby.


The blue cod continues to elude our attractive bait. Maybe we have to try early mornings instead of evenings, but the mornings are cold! There are plenty of snappers here although most are undersized juveniles and have to be returned.

Finally some photos of the very peaceful Sounds - and some Sea Stars.

The gin is finished!

Stay safe everyone.