On passage towards Pitcairn Islands

Blue Hound
Phil Marks & Rosy Jensen
Wed 17 Apr 2019 00:55
We left Isabela, Galapagos last Tuesday (9th). After two days of little wind, a short squall brought change and we settled into the 'trade winds'  varying in strength, but maintaining a reasonable course and speed. There is little visible wildlife mid ocean, plenty of flying fish, a few storm petrels (Galapagos Wedge Rumped or Elliot's - undetermined), and  yesterday a small pod of Pilot Whales with a good display of their identifying dorsal fins swam past, 15m from the boat (sadly no pics sail trimming at the time). Counting the miles to go, we are now a third of the way to Pitcairn Island with almost 1000 miled under the keel.