Contadora, Las Perlas, Panama 8:37.33N 79:01.9W

Blue Hound
Phil Marks & Rosy Jensen
Mon 4 Mar 2019 17:06

The island of Contadora is a playground of the Panamanian wealthy (at least those who are not quite rich enough NOT to own their own islands - and there are plenty here). We're anchored just off to one side of the end of the runway.

Caroline, you can see an aircraft landing in one of the pics (and thanks for the webcam pic from the Miraflores lock). Google Earth Pro is great fun with its own flight simulator, and we can fly round the islands looking at anchorages in advance (internet not necessary).

Sadly,  the seawater here is murky at the moment - it's an El Nino year, and we have tides again, 15' at the moment , unlike the Caribbean.

Queen Elizabeth I (first) was given a 31 carat pearl from one of these islands - Las Perlas.

Leaving for the Galapagos in a few days.