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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Mar 2019
Mon 18 Mar 21:41 More than Half Way to the Galapagos 2:19.7N 84:19.6W 2:19.70N 84:19.60W
Mon 04 Mar 01:56 8:56.3N 79:33.5W 8:56.30N 79:33.50W
Feb 2019
Thu 21 Feb 01:44 9:22.0N 79:57.0W 9:22.00N 79:57.00W
Sun 17 Feb 15:01 11:14.22N 74:13.15W 11:14.22N 74:13.15W
Sun 10 Feb 15:24 Santa Marta, Colombia, Sunday 10th Feb 2019.
Jan 2019
Mon 07 Jan 18:50 An old pic to set the scene 14:28.20N 60:52.56W