Galapagos - Isabela

Blue Hound
Phil Marks & Rosy Jensen
Tue 9 Apr 2019 12:54

We had good sail to the island of Isabela, spotting two Manta Rays alongside the boat and a large pod of dolphins. Isabela is  the largest island in the group but small population of 3k. This is the low key island, no ATMs, few cars and mostly sand streets. Round the boat we have had feeding penquins, black tipped sharks and other fish, and sea lions scratching their backs on our barnacles ! We took a tour in high speed boat to see the lava tunnels and snorkelled with enormous turtles - a very special experience.

Penguin pic clipped from a video hence low quality. They are about 25-30 cm long

penguin pic

Turtle pic - about a metre long

turtle pic