36:05.5N 005:25.2W Algeciras Bay

Sun 19 Feb 2012 12:42
We arrived early friday morning here at Algeciras where we took a few stores and signed off 7 crewmembers reducing the staff onboard to 17 now. I was meant to be relieved but my reliever was not able to get here as he was on another vessel anchored off Nouakchott!! Apparently we can remain at anchor for only a few days as this is a very busy area for bunkering, storing and crew changes. I expect we shall be asked to leave on monday. We still have no idea what is in store. It may be tempting fate or it may be a good omen that I purchased the charts for Alang and an Indian flag 'just in case' ??? Time will tell.
Its a bit chillier here than Dakar and the fishing is lousy!!! even though we are anchored very close to a 'fish fam'. I think its mussels that they are cultivating here though.