14:39.5N 017:20.3W Off Dakar

Wed 7 Dec 2011 12:35
Well it's been a long time. I hope that some people may still be around and interested enough to follow the exploits of Snow Drift.
The vessel was laid up in Riga, Latvia when I rejoined the end of October. We then sailed to Copenhagen to pick up some lub oil before anchor off Landskrona to rectify some faults on reefer plant.
Once everything was sorted out and we stored up the vessel went to Antwerp. Here we berthed in the river almost in the cente of the city, what a lovely surprise. I had the chance to meet a couple of old friends before it was time to sail down river to Flushing.
Here we discharged some of the used cars that we had loaded in Antwerp and filled up most of the cargo holds with palletized onions and potatoes with cars on deck and in the small holds.
We then sailed down to Nouakchott in Mauritania. Although it was quite windy in the English Channel it soon settled down and we had a very quiet crossing of Biscay and down past the Canary Islands to Mauritania.
After a couple of days waiting at anchor we eventually berthed and started discharging our cargo. It wasn't long before the quay was full of potatoes and onions and they couldn't get the trucks loaded and away fast enough so work slowed to a crawl and even halted until the mess on the quay was cleared up.
Cargo operations completed early yesterday afternoon and we left the berth as quickly as we could as many vessels were waiting outside.
We then arrived outside Dakar, Senegal early this morning and surprise, surprise, were told to anchor and wait for further instructions!!! So here we are! Just hope the fishing is as good here as it was off Nouakchott. There some of the crew caught many fish, sea bass, dorado, horse mackerel and some which I do not know the names of.
Rest assured now that I am back on line, I'll keep you all up-to-date.