Back in Tahiti

Sun 25 Jun 2023 03:52
Location 17:32.387S 149;34.233W

We sailed back from Moorea to Tahiti this morning and were lucky enough to get a mooring in Papeete Marina.
The moorings there are like gold dust, and if we weren’t in the marina and had no outboard motor we would have really been in the sh*t because its about a mile to row the dinghy from the anchorage to the dinghy dock.
Rowing is not a great deal of fun when there is 15 knots of wind, which is what is forecast over the next few days.
Anyway, alls well ends well, and we are now back in Papeete Marina which is my happy place.
I will take the outboard to the service department on Monday and hopefully it will be fixed relatively quickly so we can set off once again.