Now in Rangiroa

Tue 30 May 2023 20:34
Location 14:58.196S 147:38.180W

We have just anchored in Rangiroa after an 135nm overnight sail from Fakarava. We were originally doing a short trip and heading for Taou but the wind was fair and since it looks like very little breeze for the remainder of the week we decided to save some fuel and come here instead.

Rangiroa is the largest of the Tuamotos and the 2nd biggest atoll in the world. The pass is vicious at ebb tide because a lot of water needs to flow out of a rather narrow gap, but whilst several boats had waited a couple of hours for slack water we were very fortunate in our timing and arrived perfectly to get straight in.

First impressions are that it’s lovely here, and big enough to have treats like shops; bars and restaurants. I’m looking forward to exploring here.