Good morning!

Sun 2 Apr 2023 15:06
Good Morning All,

09:00 local time
Location: 05:04.758S 095:38.562W
COG: 232
SOG: 6.5 kn
Wind: 151 12.9 kn
Current: Set 073 Drift 0.8 kn

We are still running away from the light patch which is chasing us.
At the moment we have wind and we have been sailing for the past 24 hours.
We had a few hairy moments last night trying to dodge the wave of squalls which was crossing our route.
At one point we had way too much sail up and we were screaming along at over 9 knots, but we were heeled over so much that everything on the port side of the boat ended up on the floor on the starboard side! We are putting everything back in its place this morning & hopefully i won’t make that mistake again too soon.
We keep finding squid on the decks which must have been dropped on board by the large waves, we are using them as bait but we are still fishing rather than catching.
i think that tomorrow we should be far enough South be in theTrade Winds proper, so we can turn to the West.