Rolling in the deep

Sat 8 Apr 2023 15:49
Location: 08:33.2S 109:40.4W
COG: 269M
SOG: 6.3 kn
Wind: 091M 13.9 kn
Current: Set 208M Drift 0.6 kn

We have remembered why my Atlantic crossing book was called Shit Bugger Damn! We are in massive rollers which seemed very chaotic last night, causing everything to crash about in and out of cupboards. Not a lot of quality sleep was had by any of us. It seems better in daylight this morning, until I go to make a brew…. when the God of Spiteful Churning kicks in. Ed just said the thing he is looking forward to most is not a beer, sitting in a bar or walking on land…he would trade all that for just 10 minutes of not rolling about. Only 1794 miles to go. Oh Joy!