Not a lot of excitement...

Sat 1 Apr 2023 13:53
Location: 03:32.872S 093:34.880W
COG: 243
SOG: 6.0 kn
Wind: 108 12.1 kn
Current: Set 182 Drift 0.5 kn

At the moment we are still trying to outrun the large area of light wind which is centred on the Galapagos and is chasing us.
The wind has been patchy, ranging from a high of 22 knots in a squall to a low of not very much at all.
We have been making slow progress with a combination of motoring and sails - since we went to the expense of filling up with fuel i thought we might as well use it.

Not much of excitement happening out here…
We went quite near to 3 whales yesterday, which was very nice.
We are fishing, but we aren’t catching at the moment.
Weather is cloudy with a bit of rain and surprisingly cool - which makes a pleasant change.