Three nil to the Fish

Sun 9 Apr 2023 15:36
Location: 08:47.2S 112:17.4W
COG: 259M
SOG: 7.0 kn
Wind: 116M 17.6 kn

As we make further progress toward our destination in the Marquesas Islands, there is an element of excitement creeping in amongst the crew. Depending upon the speed we are making at the time, the estimated time to the destination shows just over 1 week (9 days). Whilst the crew are dreaming of calm waters, firm ground on a new Island to explore and most importantly a good bar to prop up, we have settled into a steady routine. Regular games of backgammon, chess, shit head (cards) and a post dinner episode of TV series Black Sails (Pirates). We have even taken to doing a bit of exercise in an attempt to keep us trim.

We continue to have little luck fishing. So far we have had three fish on the line, the first was too big and snapped the fabled lucky green squid lure clean off the line. The second fish slipped off the hook and the third chewed through the monofilament leader, taking the less fabled lucky pink squid with it... Three nil to the fish so far, with time running out to even the score.

The weather has been mostly kind with fair winds (if at slightly the wrong angle) and the occasional squall, but mostly clear sunny skies and bright moon lit evenings. Fingers crossed the weather remains good and we escape any stormy weather.