The Gremlins may have left the boat.

Fri 30 Sep 2022 20:26

We have had a good day.

HeHo Chinese laundry services did an excellent wash.

Looking forward to prawn and chorizo on rice and peas.

Bad connection issues have been resolved so we hope the old alternator and old regulator are working. Tested for 3 hours

New replacement alternator and regulator arrived and stored.

Fuel leak identified and fixed on the generator. Generator now starts immediately not after spluttering for 2-3 minutes.

Skips had his hair cut while all this was going on.

Potentially the generator / mastervolt dispute has been resolved. It appears to work but batteries were fully charged already so the jury is out.

Autopilot issues will hopefully be resolved in Lanzarote now but a Hydrovane wind steer system would be my choice.

Leaving at 08:30 tomorrow for Sines.

Hope to be in Lanzarote by next Friday / Saturday morning.

So all good aboard the sailing yacht Nijinsky.