Day 11 - Sunday - A day of rest, but too slow.

Sun 27 Nov 2022 20:05
14:36.0N 054:17.0W
Average speed today 6.1kts   Trip: 1,749nm        Wind: ENE 4      Distance to go: 419nm
The Meatballs were fantastic.  The best meal we have had so far and we have some leftover for Monday night's dinner.
The wind has reduced as some of us wanted a few days ago but no one wanted the associated lack of speed.  The sleigh ride is over for the moment but at 12 to 15 knots there isn't enough power to get Nijinsky properly moving.  We gybed again this morning and are now sailing downwind with poled out Yankee and Staysail plus full main, goose wing.  But only 5.5 to 6 knots  Arrgh.  Lunch in Barbados on Tuesday is now turning into a land fall after dark, so Bequia Wednesday lunchtime is starting to appeal again.
The slow speed has permitted us to try fishing again but so far no luck.  If we have to turn the engine on it will be very boring having to hand steer with no sails to occupy the mind.
Skip suggested a Sunday  roast to raise the spirits caused by the lack of a good sailing wind to hurry us in the direction of the finishing line. After the gybe the Sunday dinner options were discussed at length, including the possibility of tuna steaks (at time of writing currently being discounted as the tuna have not received the invitation or taken the lure), so are new found Gordon Ramsay but without the verbal is preparing the Nijinsky chicken cordon bleu.  Roast chicken breast wrapped, in bacon and cheese with dauphinoise potatoes. Just now have to decide whether a Riojca or a Douro would best complement He's Sunday roast.
We will shortly starting are three thirty minute dog watches, which Gordon is excused and is timed for the crew get together over a small beer.
We will be hoping for a little more wind when we send for the sat forecast shortly as it is frustrating to be ghosting along with only 420 miles to go.