Day 5 Roller Coaster

Mon 21 Nov 2022 18:06
16:12.5N 037:03.1W
Trip: 715nm    Wind: ENE F6-8.   
Another beautiful starry night.  It is awesome to watch Orion and the other constellations arc across the sky from horizon to horizon.  The Moon rises as a small crescent at around 5am and lasts until sunrise at around 6.30am. During the night, the ocean was less bumpy and Nijinsky was moving nicely in 20-25kts of wind avoiding most of the holes.
However, as dawn cracked things got very boisterous, with gusts up to 43 knots as we surfed down the waves at 10.5kts with two small handkerchiefs as sails.  Fortunately that wind only lasted an hour or so and we are currently back to a steady force 6 with 3m swell.  We are still making excellent progress and sailing very fast.  We still haven't run the engine since we set off but we are having to run the generator for 30 minutes every three hours because we have no solar panels or other means of charging the batteries and George is very hungry.
Dinner last night was Spaghetti Bolognaise with an excellent Douro wine.  Sadly, (due to the bumpiness), tonight we think we are going to have to slum it with HiperDino pizzas (loaded with extras of course).