Meet the Crew

Wed 14 Sep 2022 17:28
47:35.2N 5:58.2W
Stuart is the Skipper, a proper gentleman and a stickler for things being done just right.  Safety, flag etiquette and dressing for dinner are in the formal orders.
Paul is the First Mate and Chief Engineer.  A northern lad, he likes to irritate the skipper by drinking beer out of a can, in a glass.  (We have to drink out of glasses).
Hector is the Chief Communications Officer. Younger than Howard's grandchildren, Hector skips around the foredeck like a gazelle, but does not volunteer for going up the mast. (Skips has been up twice)
Howard is the Chief Catering Officer and Purser.  The food has been fabulous but a bit lacking in quantity for Hector and I.  Like all Pursers we believe he is squirreling food away for himself or to sell to the natives.
Howard and Hector both like to be called H.  So now they are Ho and He.
Ho and He both share the same bunk cabin.  Sometimes Ho is on top, but usually He is on top of Ho.