The Straights of Gib

The Vinces (and a Spouse)
Wed 8 Sep 2010 13:58
Location 36:28.21N 07:19.10W

We managed to a bit of sailing yesterday (see Dale's blog and the 20knt winds) but have been motoring almost all day. The weather is hot, much mid-twenties, maybe even higher. And as we are motoring, there is very little to do and as such, I have acutally managed to get bored today!!!

In our last port me and Sam did a load of shopping, and one of the things that we bought was a Memory Card Reader. This means that we can pop some pictures/video online for you guys to view, although this probably won't happen till this evening something. Not sure how we will upload them yet....

We had our sails up this morning (I was on the 6 till 9am shift) and even our chute (big green union jack one) but the wind dropped. So we took it down, but unfortunately in taking it down the sleeve (what protects it in general and allows it to be easily taken down/up) snagged on the hoist line and ripped a few holes in it. The sail it self is fine, although we will have to repair the hole before we use it again. All good experience.

Anyway, the sun is a calling and I best be off.