The high seas of Aegea

The Vinces (and a Spouse)
Mon 20 Sep 2010 01:28
yo yo yo,

Dane and I are currently on shift from 12am-3am but I got bored of all that
dodging ships and rocks n stuff so thought I'd play around on the computer
instead. Hence this post.

There's commercial vessels everywhere, penny a pound. We passed through the
Corinthian canal earlier today and that was pretty cool, the guys hoiked me
up the main mast so I had a brilliant view from the crow's nest 20m up!
unfortunately all the biscuits and beer and pizza from the past 3 weeks
means they had a pretty heavy load. Managed to take some stunnig photos too
(which I think Dane might put up soon) looking down at the boat from way up
high and, since we were behind a huge container ship, we couldn't see the
span of the canal from deck height. Tres util.

still got come delicious cake left! so we'll be scoffing that down pretty
sharpish. Dane is talking about cooking everyone a fry up breakfast for
everyone tomorrow morning, this sailing malarky is hard work!

I've been bitten by mossies more times than I can count on this trip (more
than 7), and only this evening I remembered a very sensible lady bought me
some insect repellent, whoops! Well, tomorrow tonight will be bite free at

see u all Wednesday (unless the plan changes...again)

ciao for now