Great Odin's beard!

The Vinces (and a Spouse)
Mon 6 Sep 2010 08:09
Holy moly!

Did you see that?! They were like whoosh! and we were like woah! and then
they just went ahahahahaaha... I count no less than 9 dolphins bouncing,
jumping and swimming around us. Everywhere you looked there was a dolphin
trying to jump on board and steal our beans.

There were a few more like 200 metres away too, having a great time
(probably the social outcasts of the group pretending to join in or

They wanted you to know that we are making brilliant progress and it won't
be long before we reach Gibraltor, also they are impressed with how tanned
we are already. At one point I think I heard a dolphin shout "green army".

Anyway, just thought you might like to know. So far all the wildlife has
easily been the highlight of this trip (meant in no bad way). Still no wind
mind you, we've had the cruising shoot out a couple of times and are getting
pretty handy at putting it up/down (it's quite complicated), for those that
might not know; the cruising shoot is basically a huge A-symetrical sail
which can be slapped on at the front to harvest a couple more knots, it can
be put on one side of the boat or the other depending on wind direction.
Obv, Ours is a mahoosive Green Union Jack. Unfortunately we have to take it
down before dusk becuase it occupies 50% of our field of vision. Es moy

oh and one more thing, we are stopping for fuel on the way to Gib since
we've had to have the engine on most of the way :-(

poutan merde!

ciao for now.


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