Thunder and Lightning

The Vinces (and a Spouse)
Tue 14 Sep 2010 19:09
Location 38:22.51N 11:38.32E

About an hour ago we hit, or actually got hit by, a bit of a squall. More 40 knot winds and buckets of rain. Came almost out of nowhere.

It passed almost as quickly as it hit (well it was doing 40....) and we spent the next hour or so watching lightning shows on the horizon (front and aft....)

And then the radar picked up a big one, 8 miles wide, heading our way.

Dinner downstairs tonight for the first time.......

Nother tweak to the plan, we're bypassing Plaermo for some other place about 10 hours further along the coast. It's a strategic move to give us a night in port instead of a day and giving us a reasonable O clock start the next day - for the straights (we time our run to pass through in daylight).

So Pizza and Beer on hold, but it will be tea time when we arrive at the new port (better time for Pizza, not sure about beer- Mike says there's no bad time...:))

Hasta la vista. Or should that be Cio