New Shift, New Plans

The Vinces (and a Spouse)
Fri 3 Sep 2010 22:20
Location: 43:08.04N 09:19.06W

The wind has been....well just not there really. Been getting around 5-6 knots of true wind but we need more like 10+ for it to be worth sailing. We had a lovely dinner cooked by our lovely Chef, Sammy, and during this the wind actually picked up (nothing to do with the beans in the dinner tho! ;-).

So after dinner, and with Dale and Me (Dane) on shift, we decided to cut the engine (had been motoring for like a day or so) and pop the sails up. Our speed dropped from 8-9 knots to more like 4-5, but man it was so nice and peaceful....!

When we got on to shift (at the pin point in the map), Dale trimmed the angle slightly to gain more speed and it worked well. Although we did end up having to jibe at night, on our own...but that is another story for another blog......