Mike's first blog

The Vinces (and a Spouse)
Sat 4 Sep 2010 13:50
Location: 42:07.35N 08:50.67W

By Public demand, I (Mike) am now attempting a blog. This is already an
awesome trip and we've only just started. The boat is like nothing Jane and
I have ever sailed on and is a fantastic experience. The crossing of the bay
of Biscay is always a concern but it was like a millpond. Some wind on the
first two days but quiet motoring on the last day. Even though it was
quiet, it can still fill you with awe when it's your first experience of
sailing over abyssal depths with nothing on any horizon. The sky was so
clear at night with no light pollution that it was like being adrift in the
It was an experience not to be missed but, after three days of that, it was
almost a welcome relief to see land again as we approached Cap Finisterre
on the north west extremity of Spain.

We arrived in Baiona down the west coast of Spain at breakfast time this
morning and, after the usual marina formalities, Dane and I went off to the
showers. When we got back, Dale and Sam had gone off exploring so Dane and I
went off looking for them knowing that, if we failed, we may be able to find
something to entertain us. We were joined by Ollie and Dougie and, failing
to find the other two in the first ten minutes, we decided to sample a bar
on the sea front. In my very best Spanish (of which I have very little) I
said to the waitress 'quatro cervezas por favor, mui grande'. She gave an
enormous smile and brought four dirty great pints, a bowl of crisps and some
tuna on bread, all for less than a tenner. This we enjoyed and set of once
more in search of our lost companions. It is a hot day today and, when we
failed to find them quickly, the generosity we had experienced at the
previous bar and the lovely cold beers, tempted us to sample another tapas
Ollie generously offered to cover this one and a similar order was made and
received, this time with trappings of olives (oblibs Wilf) and salted
popcorn. We decided this was enough for a morning outing so Ollie went of to
explain to the waiter that we had had four large beers (using descriptive
hand gestures) and would now like to pay for them. He sat back down at our
table in the sun and waited for the bill to arrive. A few minutes later, the
waiter arrived with four large beers !!!!!! Sometimes, communication failure
can be serendipitous.

Some experiences of the voyage so far - wall to wall dolphins - fantastic
creatures. Also, half way across Biscay, hundreds of miles from land, we
were visited by a small bird, hardly bigger than a wren. It landed on the
deck and then flew under the pram hood to sit and rest on the starboard
shelf. After a while, it decided to fly through the saloon into the forepeak
berth and Sam had to let it out of the skylight hatch. The bird came back
later in the afternoon, wandered up and down the side deck before jumping
through one of the horizontal lancet windows of Dales's berth whilst he was
kipping when off watch. Concern that Dale's rest may be disturbed abated
when the tiny bird appeared again out of the corresponding window on the
opposite side. He then flew off and we saw him no more. Hope he's OK.

To be continued -------