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The Vinces (and a Spouse)
Tue 14 Sep 2010 08:41
Location 38:27.61N 90:96.40E

Been a bit busy here, for blogging (sorry)........:)

Picking up where we left off -

Monday morning at 3:00 AM we made the Mid Med wind rendevous, and so did the wind.......

It happened just as Sam and I replaced Mike and Dane, on watch. Great start to our watch. We set the sails, cut the engine and flew along at between 8 and 9 knots.

And we maintained that speed all day long, awesome.....:)

The wind picked up even further into Monday night and when Sam and I replaced Dane and Mike again (at midnight last night) - they were telling tales of 30 to 40 knot winds.......

The Yankee was partially furled but the main had jammed (again), so we had to keep a careful eye on things - we didn't have much more scope for shedding more sail.

We hit 12 knots of boat speed at one point......... It all got a little rough, but the boat handles everything so well.

Meanwhile, we've also had another 'plan adjustment' - we decided to skip past Sardinia, as our calculations showed we'd be spending the last day of good winds, in port - and might have to motor back out. I guess those winds were the ones we harnessed last night.

New plan is to land at Palermo in Sicily, for a much needed night (or day) off. Be there early Wed morning - bit early for pizza and beer probably, but we'll manage......:)

From there we'll head along (the top of Sicily) to the straights separating
Sicily from the mainland, hang a left and run up past the 'heel of the boot' and out across towards the Greek mainland.

From there we're going to go through this crazy little canal (the Corinth) -
think Sinbad the Sailor - 40m high rock sides......

And that will spit us out on the other side of things, just one and a half days from Cesme - and mission accomplished.

We'll be back among you all before you know it.