The perfect storm

The Vinces (and a Spouse)
Wed 15 Sep 2010 09:57
LOCATION: 38:17.022N 013:48.101E

Hi everyone,

As you probably know, we had a bit of a hair raiser last night. Caught
between a rock and a hard place our only option was to stick essentials in
the oven (sat phone, handheld radio, my computer games...etc) and gun
through, The seas were awash with blood and you couldn't see the water for
the shipwrecks! Each one of us cut and ate a small amount of decking, so as
to be closer to our vessel and protected from the storm. Luckily, Zeus
smiled down on us that day, seeing fit for our journey to continue
unhindered, if a little uneasy.

In all the madness and confusion we managed to grab a couple of photos, so
attached to this email will hopefully be a shining example of how close we
came to meeting Davey Jones himself. Scroching sunshine today so tanning can
resume in earnest (Mike starts before 10:30 most mornings) and we will be
arrviing at our next stop around 7pm BST. clocking up an impressive 850
nautical miles in one go! I think there must be a mathematical equation for
how good beer tastes, along the lines of: distance travelled x time taken =
positive flavour feedback. We've gone 850nm x 4days = 34,000pff

Just need to work on a scale so that actually means something, but it looks
like a lot so that must be good right? ah! Gary, you're good with numbers
and things, could you work on that while we're away? :-P

only 2 more stops before we're heading straight for Cesme and then flying
home into your loving embrace, so exciting I might chunder everywhere.

I may have slightly over ordered on the food... so we'll all be eating lots
of dried banana and wal/brazil and hazel nuts when we get back to work!

ciao for now.


oh and the photos ofc:

JPEG image

JPEG image

JPEG image

JPEG image