A Choice. A Big Choice. The Deciding Choice

The Vinces (and a Spouse)
Fri 3 Sep 2010 22:42
Location: 43:05.99N 09:18.80W

......so we were nicely poodleing along when we realised that we would probably hit the lighthouse dead on. (If you are interested the light house is at 43:03.20N 09:17.86W, or near C.Torinana). m

Anyway so we decided that a jibe was probably needed: for those untrained in the dark arts of sailing, a jibe is when you are going down wind and change course. It is the opposite of a tack. And as the main mast boom moves across the boat, it can be very dangerous.

Both instructors had gone to bed, and it was getting very dark, but we felt confident that we could do it and knew the procedure well. So we went for it.

And well, it went fine. The wind helped a bit by dropping off (not soo good for speed) but we excuted the procedure well and were quite chuffed. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your view), we now had to do another jibe to get back on course........and for simple fun (and there is bugger all to do) I will do another blog in a second to continue this three part thriller!