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The Vinces (and a Spouse)
Thu 9 Sep 2010 18:00
Location: 36:36.24N 003:06.750W approaching 19.00 on Thursday 9 September.

Yet another day of sunbathing in Mediterranean sunshine on deck. Gets so tedius. Bimini now up and sailing well (although we were beating today) so the sunworshipers have to chase around the deck and contort themselves into strange positions to avoid shaded areas.

Bread was really good this morning (thank you Jane, Sam and Dougie) but an order has gone in for a measuring jug at the next stop. Oh silly Mike. Jane bought one and put it in his packing pile but he spurned it saying that such a well equipped yacht would not be lacking an item like that. Well hush my mouth. I would that it were not languishing in the spare bedroom at Clowder House!!!!!

Looking forward to a short pause at Ibiza (decided to give Club 18 - 30 a miss now). Wishing Jane was popping out there for the weekend but I'll be thinking of her in Devon.

Dale and I were the lucky ones who happened to be on watch as we rounded Gibraltar this morning at 4.30. We got the Cape St Vincent leg as well. ait made the watch much more interesting, seeing all the shipping and predicting their movement, size etc. by the lights they were showing. One enormous ship turned to starboard across our bow as it approached us from the East. It then made towards the Spanish coast and turned to port to run parallel with the coast towards Gibraltar. It was showing all the expected illumination but had two bright red lights, one directly above the other, at the top of the mast. A quick check of my IRPCS crib cards confirmed that this was a signal that the vessel was 'not under command'!!!!!! Don't ask me - nobody here knows either.

Love to all, Mike xxxxx