From Toe to Heel

The Vinces (and a Spouse)
Thu 16 Sep 2010 19:28
Location 37:55.44N 15:40.74E

Hey there sailing widows and friends and family,

We had ourselves quite a fab night last night in Porta Rosa, our Italian
stopover - after a monster 1,000 miles non stop sailing............

Was quite an adventure just getting into port - bit dark and a bit
small/unknown so we sent the RIB in ahead (with me and Sam in it..) to spy
the lie of the land. Dane had the helm and before long we were moored stern
to in the Superyacht bit next to a gas guzzling monster, crewed (as it
turned out) by slobs...... But all of this right in front of easily the
poshest Italian restuarant we'd come across... so that's where we had tea.

No pizza, but they whipped up a fab spaghetti Arabiata - I had it for my
first and second plate (Italian style) - the menu was chock full otherwise
of meat and fish only.....

Had some super red wine too. And the, by now, obligatory Brandy.....

Next day, early ish, Sam and Mike went rubbing and I went exploring in the
RIB. Quite a warren this little harbour. Found a coffee shop in the end -
my true mission... (had to jump a fence - not in the RIB at the time...)

And then had a quick swim in the sea - starting to feel like a holiday

We got our act together early PM and shipped off towards the straights of
Messina (between Sicily and the mainland).

I took the remote control autpilot and my ipad (with the Nav software on)
and had some fun navigating and steering from the front of the boat. The
ipad nav software is amazing......

Had some fun today.

We're out the bottom of the striaght more or less by now, coming round the
Toe of Italy heading for the Heel - and for Greece and our date with
Sinbad's canal..........

That's all, except to thank Dane for clearing up my little China