Off to Portugal

The Vinces (and a Spouse)
Sun 5 Sep 2010 17:07
Location 41:18.15N 08:50.73W

Hi All, Dale here with the latest update.

We left Bayona kind of mid morning, nice place but probably one night was
enough......(no decent pizza houses we could find)

Motored out for thr first bit then found a bit of wind and did some tacking.
Learned quite a bit about settimg the sails for that, adjusting the cars and
stuff - that was good.

Wind dropped after that so we motored again for several hours, heading
towards the lair of the sea snake.......AKA the Wave Power machine known as
the Pelamis.

Got there 4:00 ish, pretty big square area of the sea all cordoned off with
Cardinal bouys - scoured the area but no sea snake in sight.

Leaves me windering if the wave power thing is slightly - PR ahead of
actuality. This is billed as the world's first wave farm. It had waves but
no farmer....:)

Wind picked up afrter that though and we got the awesome chute out (for the
second time). Easier second time round, but still the most complicated sail
on the boat by far.

Good sail though, we're pulling 7.5 knotts as I write this.

New watch system goes live from 9:00 tonight - Mike and I have the first
slot, til midnight, then six hours off. That's the new system, 3 on and 6
off. Should be good.

So we're on the way now to Gib, sailing South down the Portuguese coast,
weather is good.

If the wind holds we'll go non stop, if the wind drops we'll probably make a
stop for fuel......

All good on the good ship Skyclad.