better and better

Global Yacht Racing's P42
Global Yacht Racing
Mon 18 May 2009 11:34
37:47.9N 044:41.7W

although we still have 20+ knots of wind and we are all sick and tired of heeling over 30 degrees or more continuously, it is getting better. The weather is stabilising a bit, the waves are back to 'normal'. Flavio also ordered sun and we got a notice the delivery is there soon. The boat is soaking wet after beating the rough seas for days now. People need better sleep then they have had the last few days. Hopefully, we are able to dry out the interior before arriving at the Azores and catch a good night sleep while connected to land.
We investigated the stove. We found the cause why it doesn't work properly on a starboard tack. Due to the waves, the stove will wiggle to balance itself (cardian axle). unfortunately, the gas supply tube is squeezed by the stove and the ships hull. this results in a cut of the gas supply....who ever installed the tube this way should be put on this boat for 3 weeks on a starboard tack with food to cook for 6 everyday as a punishment....

Still aiming for the Azores which are now 775 miles away.