Too fast for fishing!

Global Yacht Racing's P42
Global Yacht Racing
Wed 17 Sep 2008 16:18
48:06.7N 006:36.5W
17:18 BST

It's probably a good thing that we have no dramas to report. So far we've been averaging about 7 knots with the wind fine on our port quarter. We're on course for Cap Finisterre which is 330 miles ahead of us, surfing down waves with our full mainsail and number 4 headsail up. You can definitely tell we're going South - today has been very hot on deck and a few people have caught the sun.

It's looking like these perfect conditions will hold overnight, so we expect to be off the continental shelf and into much deeper water by midnight and hopefully on the other side of the bay of Biscay by Friday night.

We're all very well on board and enjoying the boat being flat so everyone is able to help out in the galley producing endless cups of tea (how very British!). Sleeping is easy too, so nobody's getting grumpy yet...

Ian, Alex and Tony are on watch at the moment, no doubt looking forward to dinner time at 8pm. Kath, Kate and Paul are asleep - again!