Catch of the day...

Global Yacht Racing's P42
Global Yacht Racing
Wed 1 Oct 2008 12:38
37:55.1N 6:33.2E

We're all feeling stuffed after catching a couple of meaty Dorado fish. This boat has a huge area of deck behind the helmsman which serves as a really good fish landing/preparation area - everything wipes clean easily too!

We hove-to for an hour and Paul did a great job of cooking them up for lunch, and we're now sailing again - very satisfied.

Just under 400 miles to go to Malta now, and we're looking forward to getting the boat looking smart again - the Med is extremely salty and everything's covered (including us) in salt crystals. All of our running rigging will need washing when we get there, and the winches and blocks are all starting to sound a little 'crunchy' and in need of a service. Well we wouldn't want to get bored in Malta...

We'll upload some photos when we get there!