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Global Yacht Racing's P42
Global Yacht Racing
Wed 1 Oct 2008 08:28
37:54.9N 6:09.8E

Hello blog readers... apologies that the updates are a little slower than usual. I have to keep deciding whether to sleep or write when I go off watch, and my bunk is always more appealing!

The wind did drop a little over night which gave us a few hours motor-sailing. It's actually easier to sleep with the engine on - it drowns out all of the other groans and creaks from the sails (and some of the crew!). The wind is back this morning with a beautiful 10 knots from just east of north - allowing us to sail at nearly 7 knots due east.

We were planning to stop in Sardinia, but our wind angle over the last few days has put us so far south that we'd have to sail many more miles to go there. At the moment we're planning to sail straight to Malta, and should arrive on Saturday. The only danger is us running out or getting bored of the food we have on board, so the fishing line is out and we have everything crossed for a huge tuna fish.