rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrough sea....

Global Yacht Racing's P42
Global Yacht Racing
Sat 16 May 2009 02:08
34:10.2N 051:19.4W

Imagine yourself locked in a cookie jar trown in a laundrymachine...that's
sort of how we feel now the sea swell is defined as Rough. windspeeds are ok
(~16-20 knots) but the swell makes living a challenge (not to say hell...in
the end it's our choice to be here). we are heading straight for the
Azores which are still some 1100 Miles from our current position.

The wind is not working with us. direction makes us beating against the big
waves instead of having a nice surf down to the Azores. Probably due to the
beating, a 25 liter water gerry can was pierced and we lost the contents.
We are happy we had 2 major good diners yesterday. today, we had to stick
with noodle soup because the gimball does not work on a starboard tack with

I say, wish us some nice winds. The waves are amazing but noisy inside the