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Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Tue 8 Feb 2011 15:14

Hi Folks,

Here we are in Antigua a day early as we had pouring rain and howling winds for the last few days in Guadaloupe, which became very irritating as we were up all night checking anchors etc….


The most wonderful things about Guadaloupe is the snorkelling and diving at Pigeon Island which is in the Cousteau National Marine Park. Do you remember those wonderful Jacques Cousteau programmes years ago|??


We swam behind the turtles, some Loggerhead ones about 4’ long – looked enormous! Then watched the colourful parrotfish, lovely blue fluorescent angel fish, cornetfish, groupers, snappers, starfish, trumpetfish etc…. it was like swimming in a fish tank as it was all so clear.  Absolutely fascinating.  Could snorkel there for ever! But gets a bit chilly after a while.

We also spent hours watching the Pelicans diving down and plunging into the shallow waters to catch their breakfast at the Saintes. It was wonderfully peaceful there on Ilet a Cabrit, not a single shop or street or anything… so we barbequed on the beach with Kim and Mole (Anthony Gambier-Parry) as they’re both on board for the week.


Lovely French baguettes, croissants, cheeses and wines in the French islands. But Antigua is more like the classical picture of the Caribbean with white sands and coconut palms swaying in the wind.


All’s well and we shall be around Antigua until20th Feb when we head back for the snorkelling again at Guadaloupe.


Dad and Amanda moored off Galleon. Your house Magic is still there.


Love Kit & Vanessa XXXXXX


Hi Wriggly, Mole here! Looks like I have survived the sharks so far and really enjoyed snorkelling around Pigeon Island. There are just a couple of days left of our holiday so I may lie on the lovely looking beach here in English Harbour and get some last rays before the flight home. Lots of love and looking forward to seeing you soon! xx