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Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Sat 23 Jan 2010 22:05
868 miles to go. Had a good blow last night and through the morning giving us our best days run of 150 miles. Wind tailed off to 15 knots for tonight and for the next few days - so its back to getting as much canvas aloft as possible! Hot and humid. Caught a big dorado today, my favourite fish, which we had for supper  - delicous. Also came within a mile of a super tanker bound for Korea, Italian owned but with Bulgarian, Armenian, and Philippino crew! Had a good chat with them on the radio telephone. Still in contact with our doctor friend who is about a day ahead of us still. Emily tried to call today three times and keep getting your answerphone, send me a satellite message with a good exact time to call you Sunday eve or Mon eve and I will do my best to call. Love Kit
Hi Anybody who may be looking at this... it's Nessa here.. A good day.... fantastic bright yellow dorada...for dinner! We eat like kings!  SOPHIE I've sent you some important messages in past blogs, eg contacting Pepe Romero about Astrid's illness...etc... but please could any of my friends/family who are reading this, please call her in the evenings on -1243 432467 or 078251 35649 and ask her to lookat the blogs.  I really need her to do some of these things.. and please can she LOOK at the last blogs. Sophie please call Bryony and tell her that all is well and maybe at the college they can help her to read our blogs. thanks. Lots of love XXXX
We're all well and hope to make landfall next weekend...30/31st Jan.
Hi Alison here hello everyone who is following my progress.  Phoned home today spoke to M&D in Lincs that was very exciting and slightly strange being in the middle of the Atlantic and chatting to dearest parents to let them know we are HALF WAY and safe and sound, due Barbados next weekend though possibly not in time for the monthly jump up at the Sailing Club! Boo are you reading this? Asked Mummy to call you to wish you happy hols with Catherine in Oz in case you aren't.  Making good progress here everyone getting on well we are all settled into our routines.  South America is a couple of hundred miles off to the left now. Val did you get sea of poppies off Barry yet?  I am reading another Amitav Ghosh book at the mo.  Well chaps must grab a zed or two before my first watch of the night.  More and more moon each night which is great.  Tiny showers which is not,but a departure from the norm non the less.  Until tomorrow! xxx