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Brain of Pooh
Kit Grundy Vanessa Alexander
Wed 6 Jan 2010 19:34
Hallo to Family and Friends... Nessa here... we're into our 2nd day... we DID actually get some sleep! Sporadically... with adverse conditions... an hour here and there... but have made up for it with lots of siestas throughout the day !
Only 637 miles to go... weather mixed, a few rain storms and sunny spells... bit like crossing the Channel in the summer !!
No fish sighted yet... excellent cuisine at this floating restaurant ... this evening Patrick cooked us an excellent lightly curried tuna and vegs pasta with a glass of rose, followed by a ripe camembert with a glass of red... that's it for the day !
On the 222 course, with wind NW force 4, hoping that it will come round to the north in 24 hours. Taken down the main, so we sail by the genny at night.
Hallo to my Girls... hope all goes well in Australia..for Josie and Pippa... any luck with work?  Good luck Sophie with your new job... and Bryony enjoy your holidays.. and Emily hope that the placement is not too mad !!
love from Ness and Kit X
Just in case you're wondering, I am on the boat!
Patrick ( I am sure you not expecting any more)
Hi this is Alison hello to family and friends!  Getting into the swing of things now having spent our first whole day and night at sea.  Lots of sleeing eating and reading.  Few rain squalls today involved changing sails a lot but the weather has settled now clear blue skies and constant 15knot wind though not yet a following one.Saw the moon rise at midnight and then the sun at 8 on two different watches but it will be someone else tonnight as we're moving on shifts to make sure we all do different ones taking turns to do 2 hours each on watch. I'm on 1 till 3 the sunhas just gone down its 7.30 to about to read my book then sleep. More tomorrow x